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Resume Submission Emails
Directly submitting your resume to the HR department at a company can sometimes be a good way of finding a job. It could be because a pertinent job simply has not yet been posted, or other times companies have no plans to hire but change their minds when they happen upon a good candidate.

Our list of 1,000+ resume submission email addresses for companies with U.S. location is now available. We estimate that gathering this list would take you somewhere around 25 hours, so we feel it is a great value for all job seekers.

Once you purchase this email list, we will send you the spreadsheet as an Excel file. It will contain:
  • Company name
  • Link to career page or home page
  • City, State
  • Concise description of business
  • Resume submission email address
We will only include companies for which we have a resume submission email address on file. These email addresses are tested periodically and the bad ones are removed. These are primarily general HR email addresses used for submitting resumes. Most of these companies are small or medium-sized.

The entire list is available for only $29. That comes to about three cents per company. You may share this with people you know, but we do not allow public sharing or re-posting online. To purchase, please click the "Buy Now" button below where you will be directed to PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card)

BioPharmGuy career emails

We usually send files out quickly, but please allow one business day for your file to be sent.

If you would like to pay by a different method, please see our payments page to see the various accepted methods of payment, then us or send a message through the contact us link.

These companies all have operations in the United States and are in the biotechnology, life science, medical device or pharmaceutical industries. The email addresses were found almost exclusively on company websites.

Adam Wilson, President