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Make your company stand out at BioPharmGuy

At BioPharmGuy we pride ourselves on being able to maintain a high-quality database of both large and small biotech companies. To help promote your company, we offer various types of Sponsored Listings. We have a highly targeted audience of 45,000+ unique monthly visitors, so being featured more prominently on BioPharmGuy will almost certainly improve your referral traffic.

Our clients are finding these Sponsored Listings to be a cost-effective way to drive more high-quality traffic to their sites as evidenced by the fact that almost all of our Sponsored Listings clients have opted to extend their initial sponsorship period multiple times.

As we always say, check your Analytics! BioPharmGuy is likely one of your top referrers already - promoting your listing will only improve those numbers.

We also have some more traditional advertising options available in our weekly newsletter and on our website. (go)

Listing Types

Premium Listing
By opting for a Premium Listing, your company will appear near the top of all, or at least many, of the pages on which you already appear. It will also feature your logo in place of your written company name and the listing will have a light blue background to draw the visitor's attention. Finally, the 100 character limit on your company description will be expanded to 150 to allow your company's name to still appear on the page as text in addition to the logo.

The pricing for this type of listing is based on up to five company locations. If your company has more than five locations, you may have to choose which five locations will be assigned the Premium Listing. Your Premium Listing will appear on all the pages organized by business type where your company currently appears.

Headline Listing
The Headline Listing is similar to the Premium Listing, in that you still get upgraded to a logo and a highlighted background. The main difference is the Headline Listing is always the first entry on the list, so only one may be active on any page at any given time. The background will be a gold color vs. the light blue of the Premium Listing.

Premium Ad
A Premium Ad is essentially a Premium Listing for companies that are not eligible to appear in our database. When opting for a Premium Ad, you will be able to select one business type, one region & one state where you would like to appear.

Logo Listing
In place of your company name, your company logo, in full color will be shown. This logo will appear everywhere your company name currently appears on BioPharmGuy. Logo Listings can be combined with a Description Upgrade. The 100 character limit on your company description will be expanded to 150 to allow your company's name to still appear on the page as text in addition to the logo.

Description Upgrade
Our typical business descriptions are limited to 100 characters. This upgrade extends your limit to 300 characters. (All descriptions are subject to our approval). The Description Upgrade is for up to five locations. Description Upgrades can be combined with any promoted listing.

Bonus Link
In our directory, your company name or logo will link to your home page. Our descriptions are plain text. If you would like to add a link within your company's description, we consider that a Bonus Link. A Bonus Link may be combined with any promoted listing.

Advertising Options

Website Banner
This banner ad slot appears above all of our directory listings. Static media only. (Available Jan 2025)

Newsletter Sponsor
Our Weekly Newsletter appeals to people from all across the spectrum of biotech and related fields/companies. The Sponsorship appears at the top of our newsletter and consists of a logo plus a 500-character description with links. We have 20,815 subscribers as of May 28, 2024 with growth of about 70/week. Roughly 38% of subscribers open the email per week, and 95% of those do so on a desktop. (Available June 20, 2024)

Newsletter Featured Company
This featured company/banner ad slot is located midway down our newsletter. It is limited to one per week, so yours will be the only one on display. (Aug 22, 2024)

Newsletter Featured Event
This slot is located towards the end of our newsletter. Again, this is limited to one per week. Submit a paragraph explaining your event and a picture if applicable. (Available Now)

Newsletter Job Posting
Near the bottom of the newsletter, we offer a Featured Job slot. This is also limited to one per week. (Available Now)


Prices are subject to change at any time. All prices in USD.

Monthly rates unless otherwise noted:
  • Premium Listing
  • Headline Listing (per page)
  • Premium Ad
  • Logo Listing
  • Description Upgrade
  • Bonus Link
  • Website Banner
  • Newsletter Sponsor (Weekly)
  • Newsletter Featured Company (Weekly)
  • Newsletter Featured Event (Weekly)
  • Newsletter Job (Weekly)
  • $249
  • 499
  • 249
  • 99
  • 59
  • 39
  • 1599
  • 1054
  • 417
  • 199
  • 199

Full Newsletter Availability/Pricing can be downloaded here: Newsletter Availability.

Here is a small sample page to demonstrate how some of our Sponsored Listings will look: Examples of sponsored listings.

On Promoted Listings, we offer a discount of 15% on 3+ months, 20% on 12 months, 25% on 24 months. We also offer an additional multi-listing discount of 5% for agencies running multiple Premium Listings concurrently.

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring your company's listing, please us or send a message through the contact us link. Acceptable forms of payment can be seen at our payments page.