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Licensing Our Data

If you are interested in using our data solely within your company, you do not need a license. You can simply purchase it for internal company use here.

However, if you are interested in buying our data to incorporate into your commercially available database or sharing/using it with multiple clients, we do require you purchase a limited license that permits these uses.

What we offer

If you have not already familiarized yourself with our data, please make sure to read our Database page and its accompanying Frequently Asked Questions. The data available for license is the same data we currently make available for sale.


Unlike our standard data sales, pricing is dictated by your organization's size. Upfront costs for a single year's license for all available data fields are as follows:
  • 0-20 employees
  • 21-200 employees
  • 200+ employees
  • $19,900
  • $37,900
  • $49,900

If you are interested in licensing only a part of our database (ie, only some of the data fields, some regions, some business types) this is an option. Roughly speaking, small companies would be charged 11x current standard data sale price, medium-sized 20x and the largest companies 30x. Please contact us to get a price on a data subset.

Updates Are Free

We are constantly updating our database, and we are happy to include free updates available upon request for the duration of your license. These come in the form of the current version of what you originally purchased and are limited to one every 30 days.


Current annual license renewal rates are as follows:
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • 50% of going rate
  • 75% of going rate

We also offer a monthly update subscription which would instead send you only the changes we have made. This would include companies we have added or removed as well as any data fields that have been changed for existing companies. The monthly subscription for licensees can be added for 20% of your annual license cost.
These rates may be reduced with multi-year licenses. Please ask about our multi-year rates.


The entirety of the terms can be seen in our licensing agreement. If you would like a copy or if you have any questions about licensing our data, please us or submit your inquiry via the Contact Form.

*This description is not a guarantee that we will license our data. We reserve the right to license data only to parties of our choosing.