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Purchasing Our Data
If you're interested in working with biotech-related companies, we are pleased to offer our company data for sale.

A typical client of ours would be sales, marketing & business development people trying to partner with or sell to companies we list, but we have also worked with companies in commercial real estate, consulting, investment banking, fundraising, government, publishing and more. Whatever your reason for needing information on biotech companies, our data may be helpful. We have hundreds of clients per year and by all accounts they are very happy with what we deliver.

Quick Summary

1) We sell biotech company data - contact information, drug information & more (go)
2) Pick the data pieces you need, only pay for those (go)
3) Database edits done almost every day; data re-confirmed on a rolling basis (go)
4) We deliver an Excel spreadsheet(go)
5) Fully updated data sets available on demand, semi-annually or quarterly(go)
6) Optional monthly summary of edits made(go)
7) Non-discriminatory pricing - Everyone gets the same price

What we offer (top)

At BioPharmGuy, we publish the following on our site:
  • company name
  • website link
  • city, state, country
  • brief description of business

Additionally, we have the following information on file:
  • mailing address
  • main phone number
  • direct contact email(s) (63% of U.S. HQ companies - name, job title, email address)
  • general email contact (55%)
  • email protocol/format (76%)
  • lead molecule/drug pipeline information (drug companies only)
    • name, clinical stage, indication of lead product
    • additional notes on other products
    • drug type notations (oncology, cardiovascular, etc)
  • year founded
  • ownership type (private/public with ticker info)
  • number/range of employees
  • notations for business type classifications
  • notations for region classifications
  • notations indicating company headquarters
  • notations for county (CA and metro NYC only)

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our direct email addresses such as how many we have, how often we check them, where we obtained them, etc.

How up-to-date is this data? (top)

This is by far our most common question and rightly so. Keeping this data updated is the single most important job we have. We add and remove companies in our local database almost every day. We usually update the active online database every Friday. Existing data is checked/confirmed at rolling intervals:

Names/Job Titles: Confirmed by looking at company websites and LinkedIn.
(Oldest checked September 2019)

Direct Emails: These are validated using a commercial email validation service.
(Last done September 2019)

Mailing Address/Phone: Confirmed by looking at company websites and using search engines.
(Oldest checked March 2019)

Lead Molecule Info: Confirmed mostly by checking company websites.
(Oldest checked June 2019)

Why we're better (top)

1) We only do biotech
We are not a huge data house. All primary database work is done by people with engineering, life sciences, medical devices & pharmacy backgrounds. All companies either make a biotech/drug-related product or provide a service specific to biotech companies. We do not list distributors, investors, doctors, pharmacies, etc.

2) We let you purchase only what you need
If you want companies in Southern California, you can buy that. If you want only Small Molecule drug companies in Massachusetts, you can buy that. As long as it meets our $99 minimum you can buy only what you need.

3) We deliver an Excel spreadsheet
We think simpler is better so we give you an Excel spreadsheet. Our prices are so reasonable because we haven't spent a bunch of money designing a pretty interface that does a wonderful job of displaying old data. Data is what you want, so we spend our time and efforts on that. Each company location has its own unique ID for easier importation/updating into your CRM.

4) Non-Discriminatory & Clear Pricing
Unlike all of our competitors, we are open about how much our information costs. Our competitors will not offer a price without forcing you to either create an account or pick up the phone and call them. They won't even put a price in an email. The bottom line is they want to know how much money you have before they give you a price. We don't discriminate. Everyone gets the same price.

Pricing (top)

Each bit of information has an incremental cost. You can pick and choose whatever information you'd like, but you must purchase the Basic Info and there is a $99 minimum charge. (All prices are USD)

Option 1: Buy only the companies you want
  • Basic Info (required)
  • Employee Number/Range
  • Ownership
  • Year Founded
  • Mailing Address
  • Direct Email(s)
  • Main Phone
  • Email Format/Protocol
  • Lead Molecule/Pipeline
  • $0.29
  •   0.13
  •   0.07
  •   0.06
  •   0.25
  •   0.55
  •   0.11
  •   0.03
  •   0.58

Option 2: Buy all 5,682 companies with U.S. operations
  • Basic Info
  • Employee Number/Range
  • Ownership
  • Year Founded
  • Mailing Address
  • Direct Email(s)
  • Main Phone
  • Email Format/Protocol
  • Lead Molecule/Pipeline
  • Everything (15% off)
  • Everything but Emails
  • $349
  •   160
  •   120
  •   110
  •   240
  •   570
  •     99
  •     99
  •   599
  • 1994
  • 1424

Option 3: Buy all 2,023 companies with European operations
  • Basic Info
  • Employee Number/Range
  • Ownership
  • Year Founded
  • Mailing Address
  • Main Phone
  • Email Format/Protocol
  • Lead Molecule/Pipeline)
  • Everything (15% off)
  • $199
  •     70
  •     50
  •     50
  •   120
  •     40
  •     40
  •   199
  •   652

(Option 3 is also available free with an equivalent Option 2 purchase exceeding $997.)

As of January 02, 2020, we list 5,682 companies operating in the United States, so there is a large per-company cost savings when purchasing them all. In addition to the information mentioned above, we always include notations for business type & region for easy sorting. Additionally, we note whether each location is the company headquarters or not and include that with all data sets.

Data Explanations
Basic Info - company name, website link, city, state, general email, unique location ID number, description of business and business-type notations for sortability.

General Emails - or similar.

Direct Email/s - first name, last name, job title, direct email address (we do not track any Direct Email/s for the very large companies)

Ownership - public/private, ticker/exchange and some financing info

What about Canada, Asia, etc.?

We do have data for the rest of the world which is available free with any full U.S. purchase exceeding $997. Our coverage outside the U.S. is best in English-speaking countries and Northern Europe. We do not have Direct Emails for European locations, but otherwise the information we track is the same worldwide. We currenty list 2,913 companies that operate exclusively outside of the U.S.

Standard Update Packages (top)

A standard update is simply our current version of what you originally purchased. These are available for any data set that is not difficult to create. The vast majority of requested data sets are easy to create, but please ask if you may be interested in updates. We have three options:

1. On Demand Update - For 12 months after your purchase, you may request an update at any time for 10% of your original purchase price. After 12 months, updates are 30% of the going rate. You may buy as many of these updates as you'd like.

2. Semi-annual Subscription - This package includes an updated file automatically sent every six months. First year pricing is 15% of your original purchase. To receive this special first-year price, we require that you pay at the time of your initial data purchase. Subsequent years will be 40% of the going rate.

3. Quarterly Subscription - This package includes an updated file automatically sent every three months. First year pricing is 20% of your original purchase. To receive this special first-year price, we require that you pay at the time of your initial data purchase. Subsequent years will be 50% of the going rate.

Monthly Update Package (top)

Our Monthly Update subscription is available for clients who purchase all available information. As a monthly subscriber, you will receive a spreadsheet near the beginning of each month consisting of the following five tabs:

1) Current version of our entire database.
2) Sheet detailing all data field changes made in the past month. Only companies with changes will be listed. Changed fields will be highlighted.
3) All companies added in the past month, with full details.
4) All companies/locations removed in the past month, with full details.
5) Explanations for removed companies/locations.

The Monthly Update subscription is available either when you first purchase your data set or immediately after you purchase a full update. Again, this update is only for those that purchase all available information. The Monthly Update is $1099 billed annually.

How to buy

To buy our data, us and let us know what information you need. Alternatively you may use our Quote Request Form. Our default invoicing is through PayPal where you may pay with any major credit card or bank transfer. No PayPal account is required.

Once payment has cleared (see payments page for processing times) files are usually sent quickly, but please allow one full business day. If there will be a longer delay, we will let you know as soon as possible. Refunds are permitted until we send the data. Since these are digital files, all transactions are final once the data is sent.

What you will receive (top)

Here is a sample of how the data will be delivered: Data Sample. Be sure to scroll all the way to the right to see all 55 columns of data.

Each location has its own entry/ID number and we currently have 6,645 U.S. locations listed. The company email addresses are copied across all locations, so you should not expect to receive a unique one for each location.

Although you will usually see the same emails repeated across all locations, you are NOT charged more than once per company regardless of its number of locations. If a company has one location it costs the same as a company that has 13 locations.


Purchasing our data allows you to share it with up to five users within your organization. Please contact us for pricing if you have a need to share with more than five.

If you wish to incorporate our data into your existing, commercially available database, or would like to license it for other purposes we are pleased to offer that option. Visit our Licensing page to read more.

Past Clients

A sampling of our past clients includes
  • Two of the top financial data providers in America
  • Two of the biggest four management consultancies
  • Three of the biggest shipping/logistics providers
  • The top payroll service provider
  • Two of the biggest clinical research companies
  • Six of the biggest life science research product providers
  • Harvard, Stanford & many other Universities
All this said, most of our clients are small companies. In 2018, we had 200+ data clients.


If you have questions not addressed by the Frequently Asked Questions, please us or send a message through the contact us link.

*By purchasing our copywritten data, you agree not to sell, republish, or otherwise redistribute it. We do our best, but cannot guarantee absolute accuracy of this data. We offer no guarantees that purchasing this data will lead to any sales, business partnerships, etc. Full terms and conditions can be viewed at