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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct emails - Overview

We mainly collect emails for CEO, President, CSO, CMO & VPs of R&D, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Quality, Clinical Affairs, Operations, Finance, Business Development, etc.). Will will also list some other C-level contacts like CFO, COO For each company we usually have one or two email contacts in our database, but occasionally as many as four. As of April 07, 2020 we list 3,727 unique contacts at companies with U.S. headquarters.

We do not have very many CIO, IT, Human Resources, Purchasing, Marketing, Facilities or other non-scientific people.

Roughly 60% of our contacts are either CEO or President. We look for those first. If we cannot find this person's email, we move down through the scientific ranks. For companies with 5000+ employees, we do not track any emails.

How up-to-date is this information?

We add and remove companies to our local database almost every day. We usually update the online database Friday afternoon. Different types of data are checked/confirmed on varying schedules:

Names/Job Titles: Confirmed by looking at company websites and LinkedIn.
(Oldest checked December 2019)

Direct Emails: These are validated using a commercial email validation service.
(Last done April 2020)

Mailing Address/Phone: Confirmed by looking at company websites and using search engines.
(Oldest checked May 2019)

Lead Molecule Info: Confirmed mostly by checking company websites.
(Oldest checked Sept 2019)

Where did you get this information?

We found it all at publicly accessible websites. We have never purchased data from anyone and we have never sold contact information obtained through peoples' use of

How accurate is this data?

A data set this large cannot be perfect as even one company a day might change their phone number, email contact info, website, etc. We do our best to ensure accuracy, but there are no guarantees.

We check every company website periodically to ensure it is in working order. We add or remove companies almost daily from reading newsletters, trade publications and general business news.

For our Direct Emails, we verify that the person is still with the company and in the same job by checking LinkedIn or the company's own website. We do this roughly every three months. We also use a commercial email validation service twice per year, most recently April 2020. Some emails that were recently gathered may not be validated by the time you purchase the data. We check phone numbers and mailing addresses on a rolling basis. We try to make sure we get to every company once a year.

How many companies do you list?

As of April 07, 2020, we list 6,163 companies at 7,134 locations in the United States. Worldwide we list 9,362 companies. These figures change almost daily, usually increasing.

What do you mean by email protocol/format?

This is simply the way a company assigns email adressess. For example John Smith who works for a company called "Biotech BBB" may have the email address ( If he did, we would say that Biotech BBB uses the following email protocol:, FN = first name, LN = last name

Why would someone want email protocol/format?

A lot of people search for potential employees, business partners, employers, etc on LinkedIn and if they have the person's name and the company email format, they can attempt to contact them directly.

Do you have direct line phone numbers?

No. Our phone numbers are the main company line. If you purchase our direct email contacts, then you could possibly ask to be connected to that individual.

Can I see a sample?

Sure: Data Sample. There are over 50 columns, so make sure to scroll to the right.

Are the emails all ""?


Additionally, for companies that are subsidiaries of larger companies we generally have an email address for the parent company.

Is this only U.S. Companies?

No. We include all companies we find. Our US/English-speaking country coverage is best but our western Europe and Asia coverage is improving rapidly. We only have Direct Emails for US-based companies, but otherwise all the same info is available around the world.

How does the purchase process work?

Once you decide on a data set, just request an invoice by contacting us. We will send you a PayPal invoice and once you pay it, we send the spreadsheet within a day.

I am outside the U.S. Can I still buy data from you?

Yes, as long as you aren't in Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba or Sudan.