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How to Find an Entry-Level Biotechnology Position

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The pdf version is now available as a FREE download: Download Link

If you're looking for an entry-level job, you're obviously not an expert on the biotech industry, so you could probably use some help with your job search.

Since we know you have likely never taken a course on finding a biotech job, BioPharmGuy is pleased to offer our free e-book: "How to Find an Entry-Level Biotechnology Position".

Topics addressed include career centers, job boards, company career pages, other biotech-related career websites, and various other job search strategies. I offer many tips on making your job search better and more efficient and I also offer some tips on making yourself a better candidate.

In the book, I point out some major defects of entry level biotech resumes that I typically see and I comment on some things to keep in mind during interviews. A highlight of the book is the appendix, which is a list of over 100 actual entry-level job titles at biotechnology companies I have found in the past. Since you're new at this, I know you could use some job title guidance.

Good luck on your job search!

Adam Wilson