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March 07: We are looking for a contract manufacturer for producing powder capsules 550 mg in bottles with 90 caps per bottle. Some of the herbs require alcohol extraction and spray drying. A total of 18 herbs are used.

March 07: Looking for CRO in Germany or Europe to carry out a preclinical research in vitro

February 28: We would like to get a small molecule API (mol wt ~330 Da) assayed for purity by HPLC. Preferably looking for CROs on the east coast. Would be happy to provide additional details on small molecule, mobile phase requirements etc.

February 28: We are looking for a CRO that can take a C elegans sample and do antibody staining for GFP, FLAG, HA, in worms fixed with 3% glutaraldehyde.

February 14: I am looking for preclinical in vivo facilities to perform studies (non-GLP) in pigs. Looking for expertise in implanting our particles in epidural or subarachnoid space, imaging (ultrasound and c-arm), room dedicated for our device set up with electrical supplies.

February 06: We are looking for a laboratory to isolate total RNA, small RNA and siRNA in the Bay Area (California)

February 01: We are currently searching for additional new life sciences applications for our microscope (i.e., applications that require a microscope that provides very large fields of view and/or use in a constrained space). We are also looking for industry experts that might be able to identify specific needs for the microscope and provide us with appropriate introductions to potential customers.

February 01: I am looking for any China-based CRO that has both experience and sufficient capacity to perform a large CRISPR synthetic lethal pooled screen (~20-30 cell lines against ~5 compound).

January 18: I am looking for a CRO: Large molecule-focused bioanalysis, US or EU-based, Digital PCR capabilities or Mass Spec capabilities

January 10: We are ready to proceed with a manufacturing agreement for a GMP grade T-cell product as soon as we identify a company that has the manufacturing capabilities we need in Brazil, and with whom we can enter into a confidentiality agreement.

December 14: I am looking for a CRO for NGS. I am looking to send DNA samples and I reside in San Diego, CA. This will be purified genomic DNA - low input and single cell.

December 06: We are looking for a laboratory to isolate total RNA, small RNA and siRNA in the Bay Area (California)

November 21: I am looking for assistance in configuring the manufacture of synthetic 5-Htp for a large Biopharma project

November 01: I am looking for some local midwest GMP/FDA consultants. Particularly I want to validate some manufacturing equipment and related lab equipment. Hopefully north central Indiana, as we are located in South Bend.

October 22: I am looking for a contract manufacturer with capabilities to produce aseptic rhizobium at scale.

October 11: We are looking for a non-GMP contract fermentation facility to manufacture animal feed ingredient. Preferred Downstream recovery are Concentrator, Homogenizer, Pasteurizer, Spray Dryer.

September 07: Looking for a CRO with Western Blot capabilities, specifically I am looking for analysis done on LI-COR NIR readers

August 16: We are seeking a CRO to perform survival analysis and basic phenotyping studies with a small molecule in C. elegans.

August 16: We are looking for a company in Houston TX that can lyophilize a liquid microbiologic medium in a sterile fashion. It would only be for laboratory use - not animal, human or clinical use.

July 19: We are looking a CMO to submit a proposal to go under contract to do the following: This HJF/MHRP study is funded under a prime award from USA Medical Research ACQ Activity with contract and will be conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial in Kericho, Kenya, under an Investigational New Drug (IND) application funded under the above specified contract. The proposed trial is designed as a DNA prime and protein boost strategy to induce high antibody titers to HIV using adjuvants developed in the Laboratory of Adjuvant and Antigen Research in the US Military HIV Research Program at WRAIR. The IND sponsor of this study is the Division of AIDS, National Institutes of Health and is represented by the DAIDS Sponsor’s Authorized Representative (SAR) for this IND

July 19: We are currently recruiting individuals who can speak, read, and write in the Italian language and who have aseptic manufacturing experience in the pharma industry.

July 19: CRO who can help make some suspension mammalian cells for research. Prefer Chicago area.

July 19: Hi, we are looking for a CRO for pre-clinical biology support. Specific service include mammalian cell culture, cell proliferation assays, Western blotting, apoptosis assays, etc. We are located in northern California, so we'd prefer a CRO with a lab in California or in Continental US.

July 19: I am looking for CRO that could perform LC-MS and LC-MS/MS analyses of DNA (double and single stranded) and RNA. In particular, I am interested in identifying external capabilities for testing of potential nucleotide modifications using enzymatic digestion followed by LC-MS/MS analysis as well as performing restriction enzyme(s) digestion followed by LC-MS for heightened characterization of DNA/RNA.

July 02: Cross border investment advisory firm based in Bay Area/China helping a Chinese public company in the manufacturing industry to acquire a medical device/pharmaceutical manufacturing company, target size could range from $30 million to $300 million, could be from anywhere. We are looking for a healthcare focused consulting firm to help us conduct acquisition target recognition

June 26: Regenerative Medicine International, LLC (RMI) is a cutting-edge medical device company focused on the aesthetics market. We are looking for an experienced US based contract manufacturer to outsource our patented human placental derived collagen I + III based process. RMI will provide the manufacturing details and direct improvements. All related intellectual property owned by RMI. The initial manufacturing process will be based on a single placenta batch to produce commercial bulk quantities of cGMP Human Collagen I + III put into syringes.

June 26: Looking for a CLIA laboratory located in the US East coast area to test clinical serum samples using a new method and a small instrument.

May 10: Looking for a CRO that can do bone growth plate assessments and bone density on rat juvenile bone (femur) samples already collected on a GLP juvenile rat study

May 10: Potentially in need of a full service CRO with recent (within the last 3 years) soft tissue surgery study experience

April 27: Seeking advisory services in preclinical tox, for a client with an antimicrobial agent for ultimately human administration. At least 20 years experience required for guidance purposes to start.

April 27: We wish to commission a review of the existing literature concerning nicotine-use biomarkers. We are seeking firms or organizations to conduct a thorough literature review of biomarkers associated with nicotine delivery products and clinical endpoints of interest.

April 27: Trying to locate regenerative (stem cell) cell manufacturers for network of specialists in various specialties in accordance with new Texas law.

April 20: We are looking for contract developing and cGMP manufacturing for follistatin 315

April 20: I am looking for a CRO to do a few small cell based assays in GBM, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer. I have 4 small molecule compounds I would like to test with +/- chemotherapy and +/- hypoxia. I would like to read out proliferation, colony formation, and O2 consumption.

Mar 29: We are looking for a CRO that can provide following services: 1) qualified to submit a clinical trial application in EU of testing for a small molecule of an anti-tumor compound against breast cancer and lung cancer. 2) perform the clinical trial after getting approval from METC and authority. 3) we prefer middle/startup size CRO in the Netherlands to support this clinical trial, also for long-term collaboration in future.

Mar 29: As Innovation consultant working on an account for an Agrofood actor, I am looking for companies, CROs and public/private innovation centers with expertise in product formulation, notably dairy or plant-based products or fermented product formulation. A structure with pharmaceutical formulation expertise may be also of interest for my client.

Feb 15: I am in need of a Caco-2 permeability study to be conducted with Cannabidiol, CBD. I would like to test different delivery systems against a control. I can do the analysis of samples if your facility does not have LC-MS/MS. I am located in Colorado, USA and commercial labs are required to have a Schedule 1 permit to study Cannabinoids.

Feb 15: We are looking for a GMP service provider with EMA license. Production of a recombinant protein in E. coli. Provider preferentially located in Germany or Europe.

Feb 02: Looking to obtain frozen/ fixed tumor tissue samples along with their associated clinical outcome data. We are collecting additional clinical datasets for our Artificial Intelligence platform which can predict patient drug responses with more than 80% accuracy and then compare with actual outcomes. This application could potentially be used for treatment guidance to patients, or as a service for companies interested in developing companion diagnostics to drug candidates in their pipeline.

Jan 25: Looking for provider of various preclinical tests for therapeutic peptides/proteins. Especially interested in someone with mass spec capability for these biologics.

Jan 25:I am looking to find a CRO that can provide following services: 1) stable liquid formulation development and stability testing for a small molecule API. 2) packaging of said stable liquid formulation into an autoinjector pen. The project concept I am pursuing will have international markets so I am particularly interested in ex-US CROs, specifically Asia-Pacific and Israel.

Jan 18: Looking for providers of fresh tumor biopsy specimens of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), adenocarcinoma indication. We intend to culture sample for drug sensitivity testing and subsequently for gene expression profiling. if able to do this culture work, that would also be of interest, though not necessary.

Jan 18: We are looking for a DNA synthesis company, preferably based near San Diego or San Francisco.

Jan 04: We have small molecules to be tested in vitro for 24 hours on CaSki cells. Flavopiridol is one and the other is similar. We want each drug at 10, 50 and 100 nM with an untreated control group as well. We have familiarity with the assay. We need a qpcr readout of HPV e6/e7.

Dec 21: We would like to estimate the efficiency of a novel gene editing system, where we modify the conventional CRISPR/Cas9 system in such a way that individual base pairs can modified.
1. HEK293 cells with a copy of GFP or BFP integrated into the genome (if necessary, such a cell line could be ordered from the group writing the following paper:
2. Cas9 (resp. dCas9) and the two nickase variants (D10A, H840A) as purified proteins
3. several gRNAs, which are a bit longer than usual (around 50 bps longer) and experience to transcribe them in vitro.
4. assembly of the Cas9 proteins (resp. nickases or dCas9) and gRNA into RNPs
5. transfection of the cells with the RNPs and
6. a FACS that can detect at least GFP, but actually both GFP and BFP

Dec 14: I am looking for a lab with experience of in-vitro culture of C2C12 derived myotubes. I require the myotubes to be transfected with plasmid using lipofectamine and the conditioned medium and cell homogenate shipped for assay

Nov 22: Looking for contract manufacturer in Mexico for private-label items, notably nutritional supplements

Nov 16: We have a patent-pending vaccination kiosk that uses a CO2 powered needle-less device to deliver vaccinations to dogs and cats. The injection device uses a 1cc cartridge. I am looking for a vaccine manufacturing plant that could "pre-fill" these cartridges with canine vaccines instead of withdrawing the vaccine from the standard 1cc vial with the cartridge.

Nov 09: My company has two all natural formuli that need to be tested for safety and effectiveness. That may include some adjusting of the formuli. Since these are all natural, they will have to be marketed as supplements, so just this preliminary tissue and nude mice testing should be sufficient.

Nov 09: Looking for a chemical engineer to help on the development of a new consumer product (Cleaning product).

Nov 02: We are seeking consulting services for development of prototype semi-solid formulations (gel, cream, or ointment) of an active ingredient for topical wound applications.

Nov 02:We are looking for an ADME CRO with capabilities for human microsomes, epithelial permeability, etc. Our preferences are low cost, fast turn around, and preferably in San Diego

Oct 25: We are planning to run a tumor explant ex vivo drug sensitivity / gene expression study on fresh NSCLC primary tumor biopsy samples from patients. We need GI50/IC50 values from dose response curves and normalized gene expression values from whole transcriptome profiling as final deliverables.

Oct 25: We are a startup company that focuses on smartphone applications for patients.We are looking for a smartphone app programmer that would be interested in a partnership.

Oct 25:I am currently looking for international Pre-clinical CRO working on drug screening in Drosophila and C. elegans models.

Oct 20:Our company is looking for a distributor who is wanting to carry an expandable lumbar interbody cage for fusion procedures in the IL/IN/OH areas.

Oct 12: Protein analysis: LC/MS, IEF, AAA, etc. Aggregation analysis of 1 micron particles, formulation services. No geographic restrictions.

Oct 12: Looking to hire the services of a GCP Auditor - small company or consultant in tune with working in collaboration with a small Pharma Services Company.

Oct 05: I have two formuli, one for the treatment of breast cancer, the other for the treatment of ovarian cancer. They need clinical trials. I would have to have them done, one formula at a time, in stages with separate quotes for each stage. The ovarian cancer formula has four, all natural ingredients, each one already tested and efficacious. The breast cancer formula has seven ingredients, again all natural and with studies listed on Pubmed demonstrating its potency. If interested companies will give me a statement of nondisclosure, I will be happy to send you a description and bibliography of either or both of these formuli.

Sep 28:I am looking for a CRO that could conduct one of at least the following services:
- In silico protein binding efficacy
- ELISA in vitro testing.
- Fluorescence microscopy (samples preparation, study execution)
- In vitro/clinical cosmetic testing on hair

Sep 20:I am looking for a contract laboratory that can perform methemoglobin testing on rat samples (blood, serum or plasma samples, GLP or nonGLP). We are located near Rockville, MD and would prefer a lab that is close by if possible as this is a time-sensitive assay.

Sep 20:I am looking for a CRO that could provide the manufacturing of sterile freeze dried cellular products as well as analytic testing of the rehydrated product. Must comply with FDA regulations.

Aug 25:Interested in companies in the front range / Denver/Ft. Colllins to perform pre-clinical studies on early molecules for ophthalmic disease.

July 28:Looking for a GMP immunoassay development and lot release test contract lab

July 28:I require the services of a US GMP contract manufacturer to take delivery of frozen porcine glands. The manufacturer will then hash the frozen glands and desiccate them via vacuum drying or otherwise

July 28:Clinical Research Organizations that are able to conduct Phase I - first-in-man - human studies with biologics in Australia? Institutions and universities are also OK to send if they have facilities.

July 21: Looking for a drug delivery company and/or formulation company, that has a proprietary formulation, who may want an equity position in a molecule if their proprietary formulation is used.

July 6: I'm looking for a lab, preferably in Florida, that can sterilize powder which is screened to 30 mesh and smaller, by using ozone. If you can't, but you know of someone, I would appreciate any info

June 16:Looking for a Mexican manufacturer of: - topical analgesic, - Sports braces (neoprene)

May 25: Looking for a CRO that offers a 7-15 liter fermentation capability in the San Francisco Bay area.

May 25: We seek an FDA-certified manufacturer to create a blend of small, inorganic molecules for pre-clinical development, and to mix this in a topical base for clinical trials

May 19: We are seeking local USA (or NAFTA) manufacturers of the cartridge/disposable pen vape devices that would be needed to "package" the (cannabis) vape oil processed in house

May 11: I am looking for CRO for preclinical research, specialized for pulmonary arterial hypertension disease. We are focusing on MCT model and hypoxia+sugen model, if possible.

May 05: Need CRO and CMO for injectible formulation development and manufacturing in US.

May 05: Required are the services of a cGMP USFDA licensed contract manufacturer that can process animal gland tissue into bulk API USP. The contractor will take delivery of dried and sterilized glands, grind these to a powder, micronize and then blend with lactose. In-house analytical, bulk packing into 1kg containers and labeling is preferred.

April 27: We are looking for replating compounds from library plates to new plates for follow-up on a screen. As well, for selected compounds we will need to make serial dilutions for 8 points dose response curves.

April 27: I am seeking a bioanalytical laboratory that can make a business connection quickly, and then proceed to optimize and validate an existing small molecule analytical method, within the next 3 months, to support clinical trials for my consulting client.

April 27: I am looking for a CRO that does antibody discovery using Ab Phage Display libraries. Only interested in CRO work on a fee-for-service or FTE basis with no downstream financial obligations (MS or royalties).

April 27: I am looking for a contract research organization or academic group that is interested in performing pre-clinical efficacy studies, sponsored by a pharmaceutical R&D company, in rodent models of endometriosis. The efficacy readout is pain/hyperalgesia with von Frey filaments as the preferred method of pain assessment in the studies.

April 13: Looking to have a few samples analyzed using Cell Surface Capture Technology as the approach to identify cell surface proteins expression on healthy vs. diseased tissue.

April 13: Looking for a GMP contract manufacturing facility experienced in synthesis of carbohydrates using immobilized enzymes

April 06: We are looking for clinical studies to be done on 2 products we plan to sell. 1) LED lip stimulator or plumper. It is an 8 week cycle and is used for about 20 min at a time - 3 days per week. The exact operation will be provided, but that is close. 2) LED face stimulator or wrinkle remover. Operation cycle I believe to be similar, but will provide exact information once a firm is found that can perform these clinical studies

March 24: I am looking for a CRO that is able to measure gastric acid output.

March 09: We are a startup biotech focused on immunooncology. We are developing a pipeline of biologic drugs designed to enhance immune function to fight cancer. We are looking for a consultant with expertise in infectious diseases who is able to evaluate potential opportunities in this space to advance our assets.

March 09: Looking for a CRO to conduct pharmacology study of a subcutaneous injection in Zuker rats.

February 23: We are looking for a small U.S. CRO which could help us to select sites in the U.S. for a Phase 2 study in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

February 10: We are interested in 500 mg Amoxicillin capsules. 100 capsules to a bottle. We would need OEM labeling. FDA Inspected facility. It will be used and sold as Fish Antibiotics.

February 02: I am currently looking for a lab to produce degalactosylated/desialylated bovine colostrum for my research.

January 12: We are looking at having custom odor stimuli kits contracted. The main task would be to dilute supplied odorants and then ship the kits to participants.

January 12: I am looking for a service provider allowing us to test our candidate molecule in mouse models of human cancer in Europe.

January 05: Need contract manufacturer to conduct aseptic Fill of a solution into a plastic bottle between 100mL and 500mL.

January 05: I am looking out for a Japanese Medical Device Manufacturer who can help me out with the Manufacturing for all Coronary Devices like the PTCA Guidwires, Thrombosuction Devices, Microcatheters etc.

January 05: I'm looking for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) for both sterile and non-sterile dosage forms located in Ireland.

January 05: interested in completing animal studies using Sprague Dawley rat as the model. If interested, please contact me with an estimated cost.

December 22: Would like to hire a toxicologist to read a report for a fee

December 22: Looking for a contractor to:
1) transfect HEK293 or other cell lines with plasmid,
2) harvest the conditioned culture medium
3) havest and lyse cells
4) run Western blots
Very small scale. Would suit a lab that was doing this sort of work anyway but had a little excess capacity

UK preferred, though not deal-breaker to be located elsewhere

December 20: I am looking for a company in Northeast U.S. that can assemble a dual chamber nasal spray with one chamber containing a freeze dried powder and the other chamber holding sterile water to be mixed by the consumer at the time of use.

December 20: We are looking for local CROs well established for ADME studies including microsomal stability and DDI. San Diego area

December 02: We are looking for CRO to do clinical safety testing for cosmetic products, specifically:
-Maximization Allergy
-Clinical Use testing with doctor supervision

December 02: We are looking for a cGMP facility for manufacturing injectables, preferred east coast of the USA

November 23: I am looking for a vendor to provide prion testing services for the cell lines that are integral to my development efforts.

November 18: We are looking for a partner who can efficiently and cost-effectively develop formulations containing controlled substances, under various DEA schedules. The pipeline includes oral solids and liquids (both immediate release and controlled release). We are looking for capability to design products around patents where needed and the ability to identify the right regulatory pathway. We are purely looking for a development partner who can develop the products in their own R&D and then scale-up at our manufacturing facility in NJ. We will own the dossiers.

November 18: We are looking for manufacturers in Italy with experience in dermatological products

November 04: Looking for CRO with experience utilizing enzymatic process to transform small molecules and ability to secure reliable source of enzymes. Initial project, conversion of an epoxide to vic-diol using soluble epoxide hydrolase. Either work with our manufacturing partner or conduct as toll project.

October 28: Looking for GMP supplement grade of up to 5 lactobacilli strains for human use/initial tastings. Lyophilized product preferred.

October 28: Looking for a CRO to perform clinical project management, clinical monitoring, and clinical data management for a post-market medical device (on-label indication) burn study.

October 28: Looking for formulation/manufacturing of Topical/Transdermal patches.

October 20: Looking for CRO to perform GLP-compliant qPCR in support of GLP Bio-distribution studies. GLP qPCR needs to be validated by mid-March. Need CRO with experience in GLP validation of Long range PCR and Next Generation Sequencing. Need CRO with experience in GLP validation of Droplet Digital PCR.

October 20: A bacterial outer membrane, recombinant, fusion protein with GST has been made in our lab. We are developing a potential vaccine product, and would like a CRO to make tag-free protein for us.

October 14: I'm curious about therapeutic antibody CROs and their specifications. Please send me details regarding how many clones you have available at each stage, what screening protocols exist, time, etc.

October 07: We need US manufacturer to make 17 compounds - 100mg each. Purity more than 95%. no cGMP requirement - just for research now.

September 29: Looking for a CMO in the Northeastern US. We have existing business for warm fill laminate tubes 6g to 42g fill sizes , powder into 15 ml to 30 ml bottles, liquid into 2 oz spray bottles. Prefer a plant that can handle all, but it is not required. Must be FDA Device registered, or FDA Drug and willing to register for device. ISO 13485/900x preferred or willing to certify. Batch sizes are typically 25k-50k for the tubes and powders (some smaller batch sizes for new products). Prefer a plant that has ICH stability storage on site. 16 SKUs over three basic product types, with new products in the pipeline.

September 29: ...seeking a CRO/CMO with bacterial fermentation and/or chromatographic purification capabilities. Our current anticipated needs is the equivalent of ~15,000-20,000L of fermentation product (1,000 to 5,000+ liters per run) non-GMP (R&D level for GLP use) spread over the next 4-6 months. We are also seeking CMOs that could manufacture under GMP the equivalent of ~3,000L fermentation liquor in 2-3Q 2017. Partitioning the project between upstream and downstream production will be considered.

September 23: ...seeking a manufacturer who is capable of producing patented machine - the linear motion therapy device - for total knee replacement rehabilitation.

September 15: I am looking for a clinical CRO with expertise in MASH indication.

September 08: I am looking for a contract manufacturer to make Mesotherapy products. Prefer products can be registered as Class III.

September 01: I am looking for microbial genome sequencing service providers in USA. This is for a major pharmaceutical company. Only labs inside USA will be contacted. Please include brief description of your service in the reply.

August 24: We currently have two animal drug products produced by one manufacturer & packaged/labeled by a second company. The products are Class 3 flammable liquids. We are interested in contracting a packager/labeler closer to the producer {Ohio) The current annual production volume for both products is 8-10 4,000 lb lots/year. The products are packaged into 1 quart HDPE bottles.

August 16: We are looking for ophthalmic BFS manufacturing facility in Europe

August 16: Looking for a bioscience service provider that can grow and vial some BSL2 bacterial for us. It needs to be within 100 miles of Pittsburgh PA

August 10: We are looking for CROs who run orthotopic AML mouse models, preferrably with readouts like imaging, FACS on blood cells; models with LUC-transfected Tumor cell-lines, Patient derived cells...

August 10: I am looking for a CMO in the pharma or device space that is 13485 certified. Northeastern US is preferred. Looking for someone who can handle 25000 unit batch sizes for 1/2 and 1 oz tubes

August 04: Need consultant/s who can help us develop the business potential of our products (tubes, connector, filters, bags, etc.) in the biotech industry. We are currently not in this industry and lack in-depth industry knowledgeable. Our current expertise is in the transportation industry where we sell similar products globally. We want to scope out the market, find current suppliers, product configurations, market segments, customers, industry regulations, etc.

August 04: Biopharmaceutical company based in Australia seeks collaboration with a contract development organization to assist with process development for its therapeutic product. Product is in phase 2 clinical studies for treatment of multiple sclerosis. Drug is a microbial-derived micro-particle. Processes to be developed include fermentation in stirred tanks and purification by processes involving organic solvent extraction. We seek contact from CD(M)O's with the right skills and an interest in the project.

July 28: Future Diagnostic company looking for uncut sheet rapid test suppliers. Products like HCG, LH, HIV, HCV, HBSAG, HP, TOXO IGG, TOXO IGM, etc

July 28: Looking for contract manufacturing partner for hydrogel used for adhesion prevention. We can supply specialized mixing, spreading and cross-linking equipment if needed

July 20: We are looking for a CRO with experience in the Wound Care space. Please contact me if you have the ability to conduct a 100 patient clinical trial.

July 20: I'm looking for a CRO company to process IHC samples (mouse GFP) in the Bay Area.

July 08: We are looking for a company in the San Diego area who can perform services and has a license for radioactive material to use on the studies. We would prefer if they would let us work at their facility, with their equipment under their radioactive materials license under a specific contract for a period of time. Mostly H-3 and C-14 in less than mCi quantities.

July 08: Looking for a CMO which can produce a hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) roll film. We have the formulation, so just need a coating service. Film will be used to make an ingestible sensor.

June 30: I need to identify a clinical trials company to develop a protocol and conduct a trial with the App to demonstrate compliance and adherence to medication in kids

June 30: We need a CRO to help us with development of some pharmacokinetic analysis methods for our oligonucleotide-PEG projects.

June 23: We would like to run a 21-day systemic infection model with acinetobacter baumannii in mice. The primary outcome would be survival and there would be 6 trial groups total. We are looking for an organization that has experience in murine AB infection models, ideally with an established protocol we can modify.

June 23: I am looking for diethyl azelate (CAS 624-17-9, >98% purity) that is manufactured under GMP.

June 23: We're looking for a generalist medchem business with services in ADME and DMPK to discuss some of our current projects with. Preferably based in Germany to be nearer our client base. Separately an analytical chemistry service provision would be good

June 16: We are looking for a public or private CRO having A2 type facilities to perform a feed additive efficacy against ET E coli challenge study in weaned piglets (between 32 to 64 piglets - 4 to 6 treatment groups- housed for 2 to 4 weeks) in EU.

June 16: I am initiating a drug development project in Ohio, and I need to connect with an Ohio Contract Research Organization to perform some preclinical animal testing. It isn't especially complicated; I think any facility with a veterinarian and/or veterinary pathologist could perform the work.

June 16: I am interested in crystallizing Fc gamma receptor IIIa (CD16a) in the presence of a peptide ligand. Experience crystallizing Fc gamma receptors preferred.

June 07: We are looking for CROs within the US that specialize in flow cytometry services. Preferably custom flow cytometry/panel design services.

May 27: I need a lab located in San Diego, CA area or nearby that provides testing for: ELISA, NAT, HAV, HBsAg, HIV 1 and 2, Total Protein, HIVab, HCV, Parvo, HCV Ab

May 27: Interested in talking to small manufacturers who might be able to make clinical trial quantities of a hollow fiber dialyzer with an immunoactive receptor bound to the inside surface.

May 06: We're interested in obtaining a few (~ 2-4) sheep heads for one or two ex vivo studies in May and June with available necropsy room/lab that we can use for maybe 2-4 hours each. These may be sourced after other sponsor's projects are completed as long as there are no drug or surgical actions on the head.

April 28: We are looking for a CRO (located in Europe) for drug formulation development (GMP). We develop a small molecule oncology drug for systemic (intravenous) administration.

April 28: We are looking for a Boston area-based CRO that can harvest and provide fresh mouse tissue. Same-day assays would need to be performed with the tissue samples, either on-site or off-site.

April 28: We would like to come out with our own high quality personal lubricant and are looking for an FDA compliant facility to contract manufacture for us.

April 28: Menlo Park, CA company looking for a CRO that does Confocal Raman testing and analysis of solid state pharmaceuticals. Bay Area preferred.

April 17: We are looking for Anticancer dry powder fill injections and lyophilized dosage form contract manufacturer for USA market. We are located in New Jersey.

April 17: We are looking for a CRO to help us with some in vitro studies with assessing our checkpoint inhibitors.

April 07: Needs a full service clinical research organization for phase 1-4 on oncology in Massachusetts.

April 07: We are seeking a provider to perform DRF of a recombinant protein in CD34+ humanized mice. The study should include two phases. The first phase is a dose escalating study. The second phase is a repeat dose study. Body weight & clinical pathology parameters (hematology, clinical chemistry) should be monitored

March 18: ...early stage small molecule oncology company that will enter Phase I clinical trials in the Fall. We're interested in obtaining an oncology-focused CRO to run additional pre-clinical studies. Our preference would be that they be in the Midwest. But, this isn't critical.

March 09: Looking for  CROs that have chemistry expertise in the synthesis of cyanine dyes and have capability to deliver GMP grade material for human trials.

March 09: Looking for a CRO in Northern California that conducts Skin Permeation Testing using Franz cells

March 07: Looking for someone to run a few ELISA assays for us in San Diego. Pretty simple stuff, for which we have clear protocols. We need to test labeled mAb against unlabeled to determine if labeling has altered affinity before initiating a histology study. This is to support a GLP study, but does not need to be GLP, just needs to demonstrate linearity and be reproducible.

February 18: Looking for a firm to formulate a dronabinol-based sleep apnea treatment

February 12: We want to test skin irritation and safety of sporopollenin microcapsules (30 micron) in small animals (mice or rat) as a topical formulation. Looking for a CRO to perform these studies in Singapore/Malaysia.

February 12: Looking for a CMO in Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe that can produce GMP material for biologics in E. coli. Must have a GMP certificate from EMA or FDA.

January 28: Looking for a laboratory in California that has the capacity to test the purity of a product using HPLC Method Merck 4781

January 28: I’m looking for a contract/consultant to develop an automated workflow for my CLIA lab.

January 22: We are looking for a contract manufacturer with GMP Cell Culture capabilities to culture cells on a unique scaffold to support our Clinical Trials. We are located in Massachusetts, so a company in close proximity would be preferable but not required


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