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If you're like most companies, your website analytics will probably show you that is one of your top referrers. People use our site to find companies like yours. We've been around since 2008 and have actively kept our database maintained the entire time. As a result, we are at or near the top of the first page on Google for almost all searches where people are looking for lists of biotech-related companies. Check out your company's analytics to see for yourself.

Advertising directly with us can be a much more valuable proposition to your brand than using ad networks and automated methods of advertising. For one thing, our ads are native and effectively invisible to ad-blockers. Ad-blockers thrive on blocking code from ad networks or filtering things that are named something like "ad". Since we manually upload and name all of our website elements, there is just no easy way to block our ads short of blocking all images on our site.

Another important factor in working with us is we respect our visitors' privacy and do not use cookies to track them across the Internet. We don't have to - we know they're all people interested in biotech in some way. We feel that's good enough targeting. Also your ad will never appear alongside objectionable content - we don't have any.

Finally, you will have to deal with exactly one person at BioPharmGuy - the President. All emails, ad submissions, ad tweaks, and any questions will be handled by him directly (and quickly). If you want to swap out your ad mid-run, no problem.


In the past 12 months we have welcomed a total of 673,000 visitors who have made 1.08 million visits. On a monthly basis, we have averaged 61,000 visitors, 90,000 sessions & 142,000 page views. This is all according to Google Analytics, which does miss some traffic due to script/ad-blocking software that is becoming more popular. While those visitors are not showing up in our analytics, they are still seeing ads from our site because, as mentioned, our ads are effectively invisible to script/ad blockers.

  • Sources
  • Search - 84%              
  • Direct -  14%
  • Referral - 2%
  • Locations
  • North America - 61%
  • Europe - 23%
  • Asia - 13%


Leaderboard Banner

This ad appears on most of our list pages and is 600 (or 728) pixels wide, 100 pixels high. Width and height are somewhat negotiable. This ad is fixed in the center of the page near the top. Example. Available August 12, 2021.


Premium Ad

A Premium Listing allows companies in our database to be featured atop our lists. If your company does not fit our database criteria, you may still appear at the top of these lists by opting for this Premium Ad. When opting for a Premium Ad, you will be able to select one business type, one region & one state where you would like to appear at the top. Visually, a Premium Ad is the same as a Premium Listing which is highlighted in light blue here


Service Provider Email List

Our email list alerts CROs, consultants and other service providers when we receive requests for services. 742 subscribers, primarily sales, marketing & business development people at service provider companies.

$100 for four mailings

If you are interested or have a question, please us or send a message through the contact us link.