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  • February 2018
  • 57,400 unique visitors
  • 81,400 sessions
  • 132,300 page views
  • March 2018
  • 66,310 unique visitors
  • 97,200 sessions
  • 154,200 page views

  • Sources
  • Search - 84%              
  • Direct -  13%
  • Referral - 2%
  • Locations
  • United States / Canada - 64%
  • Europe - 22%
  • Asia - 12%

We've been around since 2008 and have actively kept our database maintained the entire time. As a result, we are at or near the top of the first page on Google for almost all searches where people are looking for lists of biotech-related companies. Check our your company's Analytics. If you're like most companies, you will see that is your top referrer. People use our site to find companies like yours.


Leaderboard Banner

This ad appears on most of our list pages and is (600-728 pixels wide, 100 pixels high). Width and height are somewhat negotiable. This ad is fixed in the center of the page near the top. Example. Available March 09, 2019.


Database Ad

This ad appears intermittently within our database pages. It is a banner-style ad that appears every 160 entries. For very large pages, it will appear several times and periodically be in the site visitor's view. Scroll down our sample page to see an example. Available April 23, 2018


Premium Ad

A Premium Ad is a way for companies that would not be eligible to be listed in our database to still appear atop our lists. When opting for a Premium Ad, you will be able to select one business type, one region & one state where you would like to appear at the top. Visually, a Premium Ad is the same as a Premium Listing which is highlighted in light blue here


Site Sponsorship

This spot is for companies looking for major exposure. It includes your logo in the masthead on every page on our site, a Premium Listing (read about that here) for all pages on which your company appears, and top-billing on our list of sponsors. It can be seen atop the example page. Available June 19, 2018


Featured Company

Being our featured company would put your company in the square above the fold on the BioPharmGuy homepage. It includes a logo and small write-up of your choosing and would link to your website. Available August 01, 2018


Other Ad Possibilities

We also have the following resources that may be conducive to advertising. If you have an interest in any of these please contact us:
-Email list alerting CROs, consultants and other service providers when we receive requests for services (680+ subscribers, primarily sales, marketing & business development people at service provider companies) - $100 for four mailings
-Email list alerting people when we add jobs to our entry level jobs page (800+ subscribers, likely most are college seniors and recent graduates)

Hope to hear from you!

Adam Wilson