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Data on NIH, NSF and many other grants

At BioPharmGuy our primary data focus is the biotech industry and we sell comprehensive data products covering these companies. However, we do receive a fair number of inquiries about academic researchers and we are happy to now announce our partnership with Navigrant.

About Navigrant

Navigrant is a tool/database used to access information on life science grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and almost 90 additional grant providers. The information is all accessible via Navigrant's web interface. It allows you to pull data according to variables such as when the grant was awarded, what institution received it, how much money, what equipment the grant is planned to be spent on, and many others.

Navigrant queries these databases on a weekly basis and curates the information for its clients' ease of use. NIH & NSF update their databases on a regular basis with up to thousands of grants added per week. Other foundations award grants annually, so updates are intermittent. If you're interested in targeting specific sub-types of grant (ex. SBIR) these can also be compiled.

An additional useful feature is the ability to search expired grants to find scientists working on specific types of laboratory techniques or who are using equipment/services your company may offer.

Navigrant has recently begun work on University procurement information as well and would be happy to explain in more detail what they can offer in that area.

If you have specific needs, such as weekly emailed updates, or other more in-depth, customized services they are certainly willing to work with you and offer some ideas of how they have met clients' needs in the past.

Their various services and packages start at ~$4000. If you would like to talk with them about what they can do for you or would like a demo, contact Bruce Perry directly through and let him know you heard about Navigrant from BioPharmGuy.