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This service is so simple it really only takes two paragraphs to explain:

Are you looking to hire a service provider?
Submit your request via or the service request form and we will include your request in our weekly email (472 subscribers as of March 24, 2017).

Are you looking for clients?
Sign up at the bottom of this page and we will send you a weekly email of all the client requests we receive

This service began January 2016 and we had over 70 people submit requests in our first year. Here is what you missed: Past Inquiries

More about our CRO connection service

Of our 100,000+ monthly visitors, many approach us and ask if we can recommend a service provider who can do a specific task/project. Unfortunately we do not have enough information or experience with service providers to do so, but we never like to turn away website visitors without helping.

It's true that websites that connect clients to companies exist, and in the past we sometimes directed our visitors to them. However, we have found they can be cumbersome and impersonal. It is often difficult or impossible to find the specific assay/test/manufacturing capability you need listed on those sites - they can't possibly list everything.

Our solution is to simply connect people seeking a service provider directly with those service providers.

Just email us, explain what you need, and we will include your request in our weekly email which we send to all the contract research & manufacturing, consultants, scientific service providers, etc. that have signed up.

For added privacy, we generate an email forwarder through which we send the responses.

It is FREE for all parties and it really is as simple as sending us an email.


Are you looking to hire a service provider?
If you are looking for a company to do research or provide a scientific service, either submit your request through our Service Provider Request form or if you would prefer, us or send a message through the contact us form.

Are you looking for clients?
Please sign up for the email list in the box below

*Please use our service with caution. The CRO connection email list is free for anyone to join. By signing up or requesting to be included in our weekly email, you assume any and all responsibilty for any relationship/transaction that may take place as a result of using our service. Full terms and conditions can be viewed at