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Thank you for visiting I'm Adam Wilson, the President and founder. You could say I am the BioPharmGuy. I handle almost all database curation, website design, research projects & customer service among other things.

I have a Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering ('06) and a BSE in Chemical Engineering ('02) both from the University of Michigan as well as the following professional experience:

This website was created in February 2008 and through the years has steadily improved in presentation as well as data quality. We are proud to be transparent in how we obtain our information and our clients always know exactly what we will deliver. Customer service is the key to most businesses and ours is no different. I am very responsive over email, but always willing to talk over the phone if you have more open-ended projects or ideas to discuss.

Most of the successful changes I have made through the years were at the request of website visitors. I sometimes think I know what you want, but if you have suggestions I am always willing to listen.

Some of my most successful interactions with businesses have been through research projects. For these, I usually help find new companies that may not already be in the BioPharmGuy database. If you think there is information I can help you gather, please me and I'll quickly let you know if I can help.

While I am formally trained in the biotech field, I am self-taught in everything website-related. I hope this site shows that I am a highly capable individual and I deliver a high-quality product.

Again, I'm always willing to field any questions about website improvements, collaborations, research projects, if you have any ideas or questions please send me an email or through the contact submission form.

Please make sure to check out our list of services.

Most of all, thanks for using the site!

Adam Wilson